The Very Cranky Bear, by Nick Bland

There are only a handful of things cuter than a child who can’t read, but learns to memorise a favourite story. The last few weeks have been dotted with our 2 year old giving spirited recitations of ‘The Very Cranky Bear‘ in her broken English and it’s great: “In da jingle-jangle-jungle”.

So when we were at library story time and ‘The Very Cranky Bear’ got read out, AND she got to make her own Very Cranky Bear craft, it was more than just a special day. It becomes THE DAY for that child. Just like when the roller skate obsessed girl wins a prize in the Rollerama dice game.

THIS day will stay with them for weeks to come. THIS day the world smiled on them. THIS day they were outrageously happy. It brings tears to your eyes.